5 Reasons for Milspouses to Start Gardening

My first garden started with curiosity.

One summer, my husband and I saw a sign advertising garden plots by Morale, Welfare, and Recreation (MWR) at Joint Base Lewis McChord. We gave gardening a shot and fell in LOVE with it. Little did I know there was so much to gain from our new hobby. There are a ton of reasons for milspouses to start gardening.

Dixie and I preparing our MWR garden plot at Joint Base Lewis McChord, WA.

Five Reasons to Start Gardening Specific to the Military Lifestyle

Gardening is a stress reliever.
It is no secret. Being a military spouse (service member or military child) is often stressful. Gardening provides a break away from the commotion of electronics, work, and the never-ending to-do list. Not only is it relaxing, but gardening also allows you to soak up some extra Vitamin D to improve your mood!

Gardening encourages healthy eating.
A busy lifestyle begs for easy and fast meals on the go. Too often, we grab microwave meals and salty snacks to satisfy hunger. Gardening eases the urge to consume those quick meals and snacks full of bad fats and calories. Raw vegetables are great for salads and lunch box snacks. Meal preppers will love adding cooked vegetables to DIY freezer meals. If you are interested in food preservation, consider canning or freezing beans, squash, corn, tomatoes, and more!

Gardening supports family time.
My husband and I always work together in our gardens when he is home. We enjoy conversations free from distractions. We have friendly contests between each other about who will have the biggest plant and who will have the biggest yield. When our oldest child began to walk, we started involving him in gardening. My husband and I enjoyed watching the excitement on our son’s face when he poured water on the plants and was splashed. Now that he’s older, he plants seeds, pulls weeds, and harvests with us.

Reasons for Milspouses to Start Gardening
Join fellow gardeners in your local community garden.

Gardening will help you meet new friends.
Gardeners who participate in a community garden have the extra benefit of making new friends with the same hobby. We all know making new friends is hard enough when you are a milspouse. Find some in the garden! Swap veggies and tips, too! If you are wondering if there is a community garden near you, check out my Military Installation Community Garden Map here.

Gardening is exercise.
Gardening is a good workout! If you miss a trip to the gym while juggling kids’ and your spouse’s schedule, you can make up for it with a few hours of gardening. According to WebMD, pulling weeds and planting flowers burns between 200-400 calories per hour!

Get started today.

I hope you will give gardening a try this year after reading these reasons for milspouses to start gardening. Drop me a line if you have questions or would like some tips! Be sure to check out my top picks for raised garden beds and planters here.

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The benefits of gardening are many. Here are five specific to the military family lifestyle.
The post 5 Reasons for Milspouses to Start Gardening appeared first on Milspouse Gardener.

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